Code pulled with git from git:// with the last commit being fdc59be

These are Current warnings for proper.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
proper.erl:1321: The call proper:threw_exception(Prop::any(),RawTrace::[{atom(),atom(),[any()] | byte(),[any()]}]) will never return since the success typing is (fun(),nonempty_maybe_improper_list()) -> boolean() and the contract is (fun(),stacktrace()) -> boolean()
proper.erl:1322: The pattern 'true' can never match the type 'false'
proper.erl:1367: Function threw_exception/2 has no local return
proper.erl:1367: The pattern <Fun, [{TopMod, TopName, TopArgs} | _Rest]> can never match the type <_,[{atom(),atom(),[any()] | byte(),[any()]}]>
proper.erl:1376: Function threw_exception_aux/4 will never be called