Code pulled with git from git:// with the last commit being 2becaac

These are Current warnings for neotoma.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
neotoma.erl:48: Guard test not(is_atom(ModName::atom())) can never succeed
neotoma_parse.erl:266: Function p/4 will never be called
neotoma_parse.erl:267: The created fun has no local return
neotoma_parse.erl:312: The created fun has no local return
neotoma_parse.erl:332: Function p_assert/1 will never be called
neotoma_parse.erl:333: The created fun has no local return
neotoma_parse.erl:340: Function p_and/1 will never be called
neotoma_parse.erl:405: Guard test is_list(S::<<_:8,_:_*8>>) can never succeed
neotoma_parse.erl:435: Function line/1 will never be called
neotoma_parse.erl:438: Function column/1 will never be called