Code pulled with git from git:// with the last commit being 60b4251

These are Current warnings for merle.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
gen_server2.erl:533: Function hibernate/7 has no local return
gen_server2.erl:541: Function pre_hibernate/7 has no local return
gen_server2.erl:621: The call sys:handle_debug(Debug::any(),{'gen_server2', 'print_event'},Name::any(),{'in',_}) breaks the contract (Debug,FormFunc,Extra,Event) -> [dbg_opt()] when is_subtype(Debug,[dbg_opt()]), is_subtype(FormFunc,dbg_fun()), is_subtype(Extra,term()), is_subtype(Event,system_event())
gen_server2.erl:848: Function handle_msg/8 will never be called
gen_server2.erl:893: Function handle_common_reply/9 will never be called
gen_server2.erl:909: Function handle_common_termination/6 has no local return
gen_server2.erl:919: Function reply/5 will never be called
gen_server2.erl:935: Function system_terminate/4 has no local return
gen_server2.erl:1077: Call to missing or unexported function global:safe_whereis_name/1
gen_server2.erl:1099: Call to missing or unexported function global:safe_whereis_name/1
merle.erl:36: Callback info about the gen_server2 behaviour is not available