Code pulled with git from git:// with the last commit being 18f1806

These are Current warnings for lager.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
error_logger_lager_h.erl:279: Function print_val/1 has no local return
lager_crash_log.erl:130: Function limited_str/2 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:187: The created fun has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:192: Function format_tag/3 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:360: Function format_value/5 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:391: Function format_errstr_call/6 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:395: Function format_call/5 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:453: Function count_nl/1 will never be called
lager_stdlib.erl:470: Function format_op/5 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:490: Function pp_arguments/3 has no local return
lager_stdlib.erl:502: Function brackets_to_parens/1 will never be called
lager_trunc_io.erl:74: Invalid type specification for function lager_trunc_io:fprint/3. The success typing is (_,pos_integer(),[{'depth',integer()} | {'force_strings',boolean()} | {'lists_as_strings',boolean()}]) -> [any()]
lager_trunc_io.erl:97: Function print/2 has no local return
lager_trunc_io.erl:98: The call lager_trunc_io:print(Term::any(),Max::any(),[]) breaks the contract (term(),pos_integer(),#print_options{}) -> {iolist(),pos_integer()}