Code pulled with hg from on Mon Feb 13 04:06:06 EET 2012

These are Current warnings for innostore.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
innostore.erl:82: Function connect/0 has no local return
innostore.erl:85: The call erlang:open_port({'spawn', 'innostore_drv'},['binary',...]) will never return since it differs in the 1st argument from the success typing arguments: (atom() | {'spawn',string()} | {'spawn_driver',string()} | {'spawn_executable',binary() | [integer()]} | {'fd',integer(),integer()},['binary' | 'eof' | 'exit_status' | 'hide' | 'in' | 'nouse_stdio' | 'out' | 'stderr_to_stdout' | 'stream' | 'use_stdio' | {'arg0' | 'args' | 'cd' | 'env' | 'line' | 'packet',binary() | [binary() | [integer()] | integer() | {_,_}] | integer()}])
innostore.erl:238: Function is_started/1 will never be called
innostore.erl:254: Function set_config/2 will never be called
innostore.erl:292: Function on_set_config/2 will never be called
innostore.erl:298: Function try_and_start/1 will never be called
innostore.erl:479: Function config_encode/3 will never be called
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:54: Function start/2 has no local return
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:120: Function status/0 has no local return
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:123: Function status/1 has no local return
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:130: Function will never be called
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:215: Function to_atom/1 will never be called
riak_kv_innostore_backend.erl:222: Function format_status/1 will never be called