Code pulled with hg from http://bitbucket.org/japerk/elib on Mon Feb 13 04:02:58 EET 2012

These are Current warnings for elib.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin/
esys.erl:7: Function trace_debug/2 has no local return
esys.erl:10: Function handle_debug/3 has no local return
esys.erl:11: The call sys:handle_debug(Deb::any(),{'esys', 'write_debug'},Module::any(),Event::any()) breaks the contract (Debug,FormFunc,Extra,Event) -> [dbg_opt()] when is_subtype(Debug,[dbg_opt()]), is_subtype(FormFunc,dbg_fun()), is_subtype(Extra,term()), is_subtype(Event,system_event())
ots.erl:80: Guard test N::1 > 50 can never succeed