Code pulled with git from git://github.com/archaelus/edbi.git with the last commit being b8423d7

These are Current warnings for edbi.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
mysql_client.erl:7: Callback info about the plain_fsm behaviour is not available
mysql_client.erl:102: The pattern {'response', 'error', _, Msg} can never match the type {'client_handshake' | 'end_of_fields' | 'field' | 'response' | 'row' | 'row_eof' | 'server_handshake',[any(),...] | {'error',atom(),'no_sqlstate' | <<_:40>>,binary()}} | {'command','connect' | 'init_db' | 'process_info' | 'process_kill' | 'query' | 'quit' | 'sleep' | 'statistics',[{_,_}]} | {'result_set_header',non_neg_integer(),'no_extra' | non_neg_integer()}
mysql_client.erl:204: Function incr_seq/1 will never be called
pgsql_proto.erl:641: Call to missing or unexported function erlang:concat_binary/1