Code pulled with git from git://github.com/fredrikt/yxa.git with the last commit being 0dee7a7

These are Intersection warnings for yxa.

(Only new warnings by Intersection-enabled analysis are listed. Warnings by current public version of Dialyzer are listed here.)

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
dnsutil.erl:717: The call inet_res:nslookup(Name::any(),'in',35) will never return since the success typing is (nonempty_string() | {byte(),byte(),byte(),byte()} | {char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char()},'any' | 'chaos' | 'hs' | 'in',atom()) or (string() | {byte(),byte(),byte(),byte()} | {char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char(),char()},'any' | 'chaos' | 'hs' | 'in',atom()) -> {'error',_} | {'ok',{_,_,_,_,_,_}} and the contract is (Name,Class,Type) -> {'ok',dns_msg()} | {'error',Reason} when is_subtype(Name,dns_name() | inet:ip_address()), is_subtype(Class,dns_class()), is_subtype(Type,rr_type()), is_subtype(Reason,inet:posix() | res_error())
sipuserdb_file_backend.erl:262: The pattern {'error', _} can never match the type #state{}
sipuserdb_file_backend.erl:303: The pattern {'error', _} can never match the type #state{last_fail::'undefined' | integer()}