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These are Intersection warnings for socket-io-erlang.

(Only new warnings by Intersection-enabled analysis are listed. Warnings by current public version of Dialyzer are listed here.)

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists -r ebin deps
abnfc.erl:52: The variable Error can never match since previous clauses completely covered the type {'ok',{_,_,_},[]}
jsx_eep0018.erl:63: The call jsx:format(fun(() -> {'event',_,fun(() -> any())}),[any(),...]) will never return since the success typing is (binary(),['indent' | 'space' | {'comments' | 'encoding' | 'indent' | 'output_encoding' | 'space' | 'strict' | 'unquoted_keys','auto' | 'false' | 'true' | 'utf16' | 'utf32' | 'utf8' | integer() | {'utf16','little'} | {'utf32','little'}}]) -> binary() | maybe_improper_list(binary() | maybe_improper_list(any(),binary() | []) | byte(),binary() | []) and the contract is (JSON::binary(),Opts::format_opts()) -> binary() | iolist()
socketio_data.erl:91: The call socketio_data:encode(Msg::#msg{content::[{<<_:40>>,<<_:40>>},...],json::'true',length::0}) will never return since it differs in the 1st argument from the success typing arguments: (#heartbeat{index::integer()}) or (#msg{content::[any()],json::'false'})
socketio_data.erl:93: The created fun has no local return