Code pulled with git from git://github.com/RefactoringTools/wrangler.git with the last commit being b9d3d93

These are Intersection warnings for wrangler.

(Only new warnings by Intersection-enabled analysis are listed. Warnings by current public version of Dialyzer are listed here.)

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
api_interface.erl:95: The pattern 'true' can never match the type 'false'
wrangler_annotate_pid.erl:53: The created fun has no local return
wrangler_annotate_pid.erl:104: Function update_function/4 has no local return
wrangler_annotate_pid.erl:124: The call wrangler_ast_server:update_ast({string(),'true',[string()],integer(),'dos' | 'mac' | 'unix'},{{'tree',_,_,_} | {'wrapper',_,_,_},[{'attributes' | 'errors' | 'exports' | 'functions' | 'imports' | 'module' | 'module_imports' | 'records' | 'rules' | 'warnings',_}],non_neg_integer()}) will never return since it differs in the 1st and/or 2nd argument from the success typing arguments: ({_,'false',_,_,_},any()) or ({_,'true',_,_,_},{_,_,_,_}) or ({atom() | binary() | [atom() | [any()] | char()],'true',[string()],integer(),atom()},[1..255])
wrangler_expand_rule.erl:205: The variable _ can never match since previous clauses completely covered the type []
wrangler_refacs.erl:244: Invalid type specification for function wrangler_refacs:load_user_refactorings/1. The success typing is (string()) -> [string(),...]