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These are Intersection warnings for etorrent.

(Only new warnings by Intersection-enabled analysis are listed. Warnings by current public version of Dialyzer are listed here.)

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists -r apps
etorrent_chunk_mgr.erl:366: Invalid type specification for function etorrent_chunk_mgr:num_state_members/2. The success typing is (integer(),'assigned' | 'begun' | 'stored' | 'unassigned' | 'valid') -> non_neg_integer(); (integer(),'invalid') -> integer()
etorrent_piece_mgr.erl:327: The call etorrent_piece_mgr:chunkify(0,0,[],Operations::integer(),16384) will never return since it differs in the 4th argument from the success typing arguments: (any(),any(),[any()],[{_,_,0}],any()) or (any(),number(),[any()],[{_,_,number()},...],number())