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These are Intersection warnings for beehive.

(Only new warnings by Intersection-enabled analysis are listed. Warnings by current public version of Dialyzer are listed here.)

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists -r lib
beehive_bee_object.erl:385: The call beehive_bee_object:to_list(BeeObject::#bee_object{bee_file::atom() | binary() | [atom() | [any()] | char()]}) will never return since it differs in the 1st argument from the success typing arguments: (maybe_improper_list()) or (atom() | integer())
users_controller.erl:47: Guard test {'error','database_not_initialized' | 'did_not_write' | {'cannot_save',_}} | {'ok',#user{}} =:= User::#user{} can never succeed