Code pulled with git from git:// with the last commit being 7f65a23

These are Current warnings for mctrace.

dialyzer -n -q -Wno_improper_lists ebin
mctrace_pt.erl:184: The pattern Res1 = {_Be1, _F1, _Af1, _Rec1, _Ac1} can never match the type {_,'false',[]}
mctrace_pt.erl:195: Guard test Recurse::'false' == 'true' can never succeed
mctrace_pt.erl:202: The created fun has no local return
mctrace_pt.erl:220: Function new_context/2 will never be called
mctrace_pt.erl:242: The pattern {R1, A1} can never match the type {[],_,[],[]}